Let’s get to it. Call me at my home office.

I need a new secretary, this one’s not working out, she just sits around looking like that and I am not allowed to discriminate.

The ideas for ParkingGarden.com is older than the hills. Okay, about 21 years old, old enough. You buy a domains name, develop it, operate a business, then flip it out for zillions. That’s the idea.

Only you have too many domains names to match with the number of people you have to manage and develop them. And by you I mean me. They operate themselves as a pennystock business for a while before the flip. Some earn 100 a month, only that hundreds of them that do that automatically. It’s boring. I use the money for more adventures that you can come along with me for 5 10 15 K.

Someone else will have to do those parts, working parts, or the domain name and great idea will go nowhere. So someone has to invest in the best bets to pay those developers. It’s not a charity.

You want to sell some of these additional names on your portfolio of names.

, or sit on it so someone else doesn’t grab it. That’s your domain name portfolio. I was up as 350 and now is down to 85. Well to hold the name you can park it on another name. You can make it an add-on, aliases, parked, hosted redirect and monetized on a service, a SAAS to host your name and share click income. It sounds more like a Jungle out there. It is.

I don’t have all the answers but I am doing two things, maybe three. I am reviewing all the options and services available to everyone here. I am building my own parking service here. And finally, I am considering sharing the opportunities I create, with someone like you.

We need to fund the capital account before we begin always.

No ad sharing. 100% of your Ad Package choices for your domain go to you.

Best foot forward. Let’s give a full offering for a limited number of URLs domains free forever. A free forever friend would be able to use full services for 3 domains, while paid levels offer more domains.

$1 per domain year parking fee.

Minimum $50 – 3 free domains.

Your Price Today $47

Free Package – 3 domains

Preferred $47 Package – 50 domains

Easy Rider $197 – 250 domains